iCook – Chef Doron Bar On's Farm to Table Kitchen

The name Chef Doron Bar On is synonymous with fine food and professional service. Since 1988 Doron owns and operates one of the leading catering operations in the country catering to the those with discerning tastes as well as to the upper crust of the Israeli corporate world.

 Born and raised in the green fertile Yizrael Valley to parents who brought as European immigrants brought with them tastes and smells of a home they left behind. To these tastes of home were added the smells and vibrant colors of the Middle East: Pungent garlic of early spring, red fragrant watermelons in summer, and zesty citrus fruits in the winter.

From this marriage of smells and tastes Doron draws his inspiration. Now Doron cooks at iCook – kitchen -studio near his home. The perfect place for those seeking unique culinary experience, local produce Farm to Table turned into wonderful food comfortable with both east and west.

Whether for a family event, a business dinner or a culinary workshop iCook kitchen is the perfect place.

Conveniently located only 30 minutes from Haifa and 50 minutes from Tel Aviv the Yisrael Valley lies below the ancient city of Nazareth and within walking distance of the biblical site of Megiddo.

We invite you to come and enjoy the rich tapestry of tastes and colors around us and experience a unique part of Israel.

For more information:

baron@baron.co.il +972-4-9893247

iCook מבשלת לכם אירוע

לפרטים נוספים והזמנות, פנו אלינו בטלפון שמספרו 04-9893247, במייל baron@baron.co.il
או צרו קשר בטופס

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